Butcher supplies & meat processing equipment manufacturer

Lumar Ideal is known for high quality butcher supplies & meat processing equipment. Since 1967, Lumar Ideal has been manufacturing easy to use, powerful, high performance products and equipment. Lumar is committed to withholding the highest standards. We only use the best quality components and materials to build our machinery and butcher supplies. The company is proud of it’s reputation of high quality equipment and strives to maintain this image!

Lumar Ideal manufactures all of it’s equipment with heavy duty casters. Our products are made with of high-quality stainless steel which helps them look better and last longer. With the option of basic digital or fully programmable controls, you can decide what will best suit your organization’s needs.

Our steakhouse customers

Lumar Ideal has served many steakhouses and restaurant chains. Our company has the ability to quickly modify and create specialized equipment to suit the needs of our customers. We are a entrepreneurial and flexible company ready to innovate for our customers.

Our customers throughout North America regularly express their gratitude and satisfaction about having chosen to purchase our state-of-the-art meat processing equipment and butcher supplies. Choosing Lumar’s equipment and supplies is a strong statement from your company to your clients. If you choose our products, you are choosing the highest performing equipment, backed by our superior customer service.

Parts & Products

Lumar has a large inventory of parts and products for our customers. We try and have every part for every machine in stock, at your disposal, ready to be shipped instantaneously. Most companies cannot afford waiting weeks at a time to receive a part and fix their machinery and equipment, this is why Lumar is one of the few companies in the meat processing equipment industry that has such a large amount of parts and products in stock, all year around.

We keep in stock: Hollymatic parts, Medoc parts, Promarks parts, Talsa meat machinery parts, and of course our own parts. If ever your machinery breaks down, feel free to contact us and we will gladly let you know if we have the parts you need in stock.

Bring up your butcher equipment and supplies to whole new level with Lumar Ideal!

Functions of commercial meat processing equipment & butcher supplies

Many different types of equipment can be used in commercial meat processing. In many cases, this equipment must adhere to high quality standards to ensure the proper handling of the product by the manufacturers. Generally, our machinery and equipment serve one of the following purposes: measurement, preparation, storage, packaging or cooking.

Measurement devices include weighing systems, thermometers, timers and other instruments to analyze components and machines in order to facilitate the performing and duplicating of the processing operations.

Preparation and cooking equipment includes conveyor systems, ovens, dispensing devices, mixing and cutting machines, and transport hoses. Preparation and cooking appliances require regular maintenance and cleaning to meet specific regulations.

Storage and packaging devices range from simple plastic wrapping to vacuum sealing and bottling. They help to protect and preserve meat, which is a temperature sensitive product, for future use or sale.

Free quote available

Butcher shops, steakhouses, restaurants and commercial kitchens internationally are invited to contact us by phone or online to receive their free quote on our products!